Droplet in Slider not working

Foundry 2…

Trying to put a video in a Droplet within a Slider but I’m getting what you see below.
The ‘Droplet Tag’ is a droplet that has a youtube id#.
The ‘Thumbnail Tag’ is a droplet with an image.

Do you have the Alloy Droplet parser tool on the page?

Oh man. I totally forgot about that.
I’m in the process of doing some decent sized tweaks after letting it sit for a couple years.
Thanks Adam.
I’ll go do that in a bit and check back.

Still not working. Do I need the ‘Alloy’ stack there as well?

Or is the main issue because I’m trying to do video (youtube id) via the droplets? But I’m not even able to get the text droplet to work.

Have you followed along with the Droplets tutorial on the documentation page?

What’s weird is that if I just use the regular ‘youtube’ slider and put the droplet tag into the ‘id’ it works fine but the actual ‘droplet’ slider doesn’t seem to want to work for me.

The Droplet Slider is for images though, not YouTube videos.

And THAT would explain it. Thanks Adam!