Droplets and video

Is it possible to insert videos into Droplets are is it just text and images only?

I’d like to have a droplet for a pop up where I’m able to change the video that pops up every once and a while.

The Droplet itself can be only an image or text. If you’re changing a video embed though you could use a text Droplet and have the text be the Unique ID for the embed.

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So would I put the droplet in the main area of a PopBox stack? And put the Video Embed on the same page somewhere?
UPDATE: I put the Droplet stack at top of page, above Foundry Stack. I guess I’m just confused as to where to put the Video Embed in Pop Box and how to update the video using Droplet.

I don’t have or use PopBox so I can’t help there.

Using the Foundry Video Embed as an example: you’d put the droplet tag in the unique id field as I mentioned previously and in Alloys Droplet editor you’d add the text of the embed unique id. Essentially a Droplet text tag is just a placeholder for the text you enter into the Editor. That said I’ve never tried this approach and I’m away from the computer.

long time coming but…

I finally attempted this and it worked.

I was getting a little frustrated as I didn’t see the video/thumbnail pop up in RW but decided to publish and it works on the site.