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I am looking to setup an online “store” in a Foundry based website that will take “orders” for a golf outing at a local golf club.

Would RapidCart Pro, Cartloom or another option be the best solution for this kind of thing or is there another solution that would beg more appropriate?

Thanks and best regards to all.


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I went with Cartloom for my site, mainly from the video from last year’s RapidWeaver conference. I’d like to see what others used and why.


HI everyone, my activity is based on online commerce. Unfortunately the RW compatible solutions I tested and used give no full features for my activity. I started with rapidcart then I migrated to Cartloom then I migrated to Wazala for 1 year then back to Cartloom 3. The need about shipping, payment gateway, customer managing and inventory, pushed me to search around and finally in 2014 I migrated to a platform that offer from A to Z even the base site realisation.
I modified the theme of the shop and I’m still generatint the remaining pages of the site via RW.
The platform is EKM (made in UK)
Unfortunately there are no chances to have a good and powerful ecommerce platform with RW.
The existing is limited in functions and features.
Be free to ask in case of more infos.

Hi guys,

Did not had the time to play with it further, but when I was designing Forked for Foundry I’ve tried the Snipcart service and I liked the system, you can see it live here in the Forked Project:

I can see that they have Inventory Management also,



@argennos – I find that this is relative to what you want to do. Perhaps the eCommerce solutions out there didn’t, or don’t do what you wanted specifically, but that doesn’t automatically make them not powerful. Cartloom, RapidCart, and many others in the RapidWeaver ecosystem are very versatile and powerful. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, like with anything.

@solutionsmacllc – I use Cartloom for all of my products, from my themes to Foundry, and more. It allows a lot of flexibility, I’ve found. While Cartloom is platform agnostic, they’ve do have some pretty slick RapidWeaver specific features in the latest version (v4). I’ve used it even for selling stock imagery where I have to sell individual different sized images (Stock images for web design). Their “Spinoffs” feature made that really easy to setup.

In the end it is going to come down to what features you need, or want, and whether a service or stack, or plugin, etc provides those features. Take a day to sift through some of the options and explore what they offer.

Outside of eCommerce options another thing that sounds like it could work for what you’re trying to do is something I saw released recently from Yuzool, which is a Bookings stack. I’ve not used it so I can’t be sure, but from the description it too may work.


I haven’t tried it yet, but talking of Yuzool, they have a suite of “Cart” stacks which seems to allow you to set up shopping on any page, rather than going to a dedicated shopping page.

We’ve done quite a few different eCommerce solutions through RW and have had wonderful success in getting things to work. I moved one eCommerce client from RapidCart and set them up on EventBrite that has wine tours because with the repetitive nature of her events, she dominates the local EB page and has seen extra business from doing this. Just a thought to think out of the box at times. Years ago, we iframed GoDaddy carts and integrated that into a RW website. I’m currently working with some wineries, researching how to use Vin65 for the eCommerce portion of the website and build a RW site around it.

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