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I am writing some text in an embed and the preview function of Alloy display this:

Now when I look at it at the live site it does not reflect this:

My customer would like to be sure that the preview matches the live view. Is there any way to do so?

Thank you

Your customer is not putting spaces between the lines in their Markdown. As you know Markdown requires an empty line between content to start a new paragraph. Is this the difference you’re referring to?

If it is something else, please be specific so I can address your concern directly. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I was just wondering why the preview looks fine even though the empty line is missing. What is the difference between the preview and live view?

There is no difference there. They simply did not hit return to put an empty line between content. That’s something the blog writer has to do in order to signal to the Markdown parser that it is a new line / new paragraph. That’s just how Markdown works.

Go give it a try, I suspect you’ll see what I mean. :+1:

Ah sorry, I do not mean the preview in RW. I am using the preview button in the editor webpage. My expectation was that the preview in the editor window will look the same as on the webpage as soon as I hit save. I can add the spaces and returns, but then I would not need a preview function in the editor page at all?

I know.

The Editor requires a space between lines in order to know that you want content inside of a new set of <p></p> tags. This empty line is what signifies to the Markdown parser that it should start a new line / paragraph as I stated before. This is simply how the parser works.

I do not know what you mean.

If you think this is a bug, please file a bug report with me via email and include a video showing me your problem in detail.

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Last question: Is there a way to add more distance after a heading before the following text? When I add returns or double-spaces it does not add any distance. I can use <br><br> but this is more difficult to explain to the customer…


Thank you

No, that is not how Markdown works. Take a look at the generated code and you’ll see what I mean. The extra space triggers a new <p></p> tag pair. Those extra spaces do not equate to <br> tags. It is a Markdown editor, not a WYSIWYG editor. If you add that same content to a Markdown stack for instance, you’ll get similar results.

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