Elixirgraphics.com is DOWN?

I can’t access https://foundry.elixirgraphics.com/documentation (at 13:15 GMT)

Elixirgraphics.com - Is Elixirgraphics Down Right Now? is reporting that the website is down.

probably next week there will be great news :wink:

I would expect a scheduled downtime to have been announced on the forum?

In the meanwhile, how is the documentation accessed?

it’s nothing dramatic now. give adam some time … everything will probably be up and running again in 2 hours

Morning all. Not scheduled down time. Looking into this now. First time in a very long time I’ve had any down time. Will post when we’re back up.

Looks to be back up already for me. If you’re not seeing it give it a forced refresh in a few minutes.

All good for you now @logrunner?

Yes, It’s back - Thank you :slight_smile:

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Seems to be down again (at 14:20 GMT) according to: Elixirgraphics.com - Is Elixirgraphics Down Right Now?

Now back and online. :slight_smile:

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