Embed pages made by my genealogical app in RW project

Hello there, I finally started to build my website. Main goal is to publish genealogical results that I’ve researched for over 30 years. I use for managing my genealogical data Reunion . This program provides in different kind of reports, as for instance an ancestor report. This is report is saved in a map on my Mac.
My question is how do I embed or incorporate this content in my RapidWeaver project?
Thanks for your time and answers,

I know that I can embed my MacFamilyTree online link using an embed stack and it will take me to a very nice site with pedigree, statistics, reports, etc. Can Reunion publish to an online tree? If so, it would be an easy thing to do.

Sure, I know. Nut the differente is , the MFT are online, while the Reunion files are in the computer.
Perhaps using MFT could be a temporally solution.

A variety of charts and reports can be exported into web folders (a multitude of html, image, PDF files) as described at Reunion: Features. You could link to them in your project or perhaps imbed in an iframe

Share stuff on the web. Reunion automatically builds reports that you can upload to your web site to share with others. The reports are optimized for whatever device is viewing them (iPhone, iPad, desktop computer, laptop, etc.). All the necessary files, images, and graphics are generated and linked for you inside one convenient folder for uploading. Choose from many elegant designs. Click here to see published examples from Reunion users.)"

You could link to them in your project or perhaps imbed in an iframe
That is exactly my question! Show me please how to do it in Rapidweaver. How do I link them? How do I embed them?
Thank you for helping me.

Hi Rien:

Reunion can create web-based files. Reunion 13 creates something called a Web Project that consists of files in a folder that display charts, names, places etc. You generate that on your computer and upload to your website, then link to it with RapidWeaver. If you had your own domain http://rien.com, you would upload the web project to your domain & access it for example by Rien.com is For Sale | BrandBucket. Reunion generates PDF reports that can also be uploaded and can be linked to directly. Reunion has been creating web based content for at least 10 yrs as I recall. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your answer BillGeorge. I’m happy you want to help me! And I hope you will continue. But, for some reason, I’m not able to make exactly clear what my problem is. I think it is due to me being not a native english speaker. I’m Dutch.
So, I have no problem with Reunion, I can generate whatever I want. My problem is in Rapidweaver. First HOW do I upload the files? By an FTP program or by Reunion it self? What stacks do I use in Rapidweaver? Where do I put the link to the Reunion files in Rapidweaver when creating my webpage. So it is all about Rapidweaver nothing about Reunion.
I ‘exercise’ my web building on: http://www.reedz.nl. When you look at: Stamreeksen | Rien de Zeeuw, you see on the bottom two choices. In this case, when you choose for ‘Stamreeks familie de Zeeuw’ you come to a page with a picture holding sensitive areas, Stamreeks de Zeeuw | Rien de Zeeuw. But this is not how I want it. On this page I want to show the outcome of a Reunion web project from this family. How do I accomplish that?

BillGeorge, I hope you want to spent some time and energy to answer it. Thanks for your patience!
Sincerely, Rien.

Addition… BillGeorge, I could not let it out of my minds, keeping thinking the solution should be so simple that I overlooked it. And yet, I think I found the beginning of the solution. Like this. I first upload the Reunion web project to my website. Then in Realmac I create a page and put a button stack in it. Make an external link to at_toc.html from the Reunion project. I think it should work. Will let you know if this works. Bye, Rien.

You are too persuasive (“spend some time and energy”)… so I did some extra for you (actually it was for me, to gain experience, as I too am a beginner at this). See http://billgeorge.com/rien. That is a fairly simple website, linked to two Reunion-created items. The entire contents of the website, including the RapidWeaver 8 project file is included in zip file that I uploaded to http://billgeorge.com/rien/rien.zip, for you.

I’m just now looking over your web site & may have more comments, but let me send this first. I think this is much simpler than possibly you anticipated. You might also send your email address to me (mine is williamcgeorge@gmail.com) as this may be boring a lot of non-genealogy people.

Also, these items:

  1. To embed the chart in the RW webpage I used Will Woodgate’s free (thank you Will) Embed stack from Embed | Stacks4Stacks.
  2. I used a "Classic: theme that I think comes with Dreamweaver, called Patchy. If you don’t have it any classic theme should work.
  3. My software versions are
    iMac OS Big Sur 11.5.2
    RapidWeaver 8.9.1
    Stacks 4.22 (5479)
    Reunion 13 (Build 210830)
    So, I did use latest versions of the above.

@Rien I’m a little confused about why your are posting at the Elixir forum specifically. Based on what you wrote you aren’t specifically using any Elixir products like Foundry. I realize @BillGeorge (e.g.) has provided some wonderful help.

… I’m not saying it’s “wrong” to post here, but the number of folks that post at the RapidWeaver support forums are more numerous than here. You may be able to receive more support there beyond what you’ve already received here.

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