Embeds and Droplets updating with delay

when I change my embeds and droplets in the editor it sometimes takes about 20-30 minutes until the changes will be shown on the website. This makes the work a bit difficult when I want to control my changes. Does anyone have an idea what this could be? Do I maybe have to change some settings on my host? My host is Linevast in Germany, I am running php 8.0
Thank you all for any advice!

Are you using CloudFlare or another caching service?

No, I don’t think so (I don’t know what ClodFlare is?!?), unless my hosting company is using something like this without me knowing it?

You should check. Sounds like a caching issue though one way or another. You can try making an update an saving it and then loading your page up in an Incognito window in Chrome and see if the change takes place right away. If so it is just browser caching. If not then it is likely a server-side caching situation. The most popular of these being CloudFlare.

My host told me that there is no serverside caching active. I have made the test with Chrome, but the changes don’t take place directly. So what could it be? What can i do and what settings should I change to solve the problem?

There is literally nothing in Alloy that would delay the content changes from taking place.

Then I will have to check again with my host, the problem must be there, isn’t it? Thank you for your support!

What is the URL to your site?

It’s still under construction at:

Thanks. Was just curious. Like I said though there’s nothing in Alloy that would delay your changes from appearing. There’s no caching of data. Everything is read straight from text-based markdown files.

Hej min svenska granne :slightly_smiling_face:

Your website is loading really fast here in Denmark. I have the same problem as you have every now and then and it’s quite annoying. For some of my websites I use one.com. They have this article of server-side caching (varnish cache) and how to disable it – one one.com servers, that is. Different host, different problems.

But to check if the problem is server-side caching you could use a ftp tool (cyberduck or similar) and go check the files you’ve uploaded when you have the problem.


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Thank you both for your replies, and to Adam for confirming that Alloy does not cause such a delay. I have double checked with my host, that there is no server side cache active. And in fact I can see on my server, that the changes in my embeds and the uploaded images are correctly saved and located in the folders on the server directly after my work in the editor. But still the changes are visible on the website not before 15-30 minutes later :unamused:, and this happens in all browsers. What could then be the reason for this delay? Maybe any settings in my computer? Or my WLAN router? :man_shrugging:I have no idea and would be very grateful for any advice.

@6harps Perhaps this has already been addressed … but have you gone to these “newly” published pages and cleared the cache in your browser? Too me a delay of 15 minutes or so would seem to indicate normal browser caching.

I use Safari most of the time and using command-option-e to empty browser cache has become second nature to me.

Thank you for this, I knew it and it helps sometimes, but not always. This issue is really mysterious, sometimes my changes in the editor are shown directly on the website, sometimes it takes 5 minutes, sometimes around 20 minutes, and “command-option-e” does not make a difference…

Dear Adam, I am still looking for a solution to the problem. As already written: on the server, the embeds are updated immediately, but not the display in the browser. My host says he checked everything again and there is no active server cache on my website. Do you have any idea what the problem could be, which settings I could change where (Browser? MacOS? RW? Foundry? Alloy?..)?

The only thing I can think of is: my client wants to put PDF files in Embeds and Posts on the website for download. To achieve this I upload PDF files via drag and drop in the editor to upload them to the server (like an FTP upload), and save the embed first. Then I open the embed again, upload an image or write text and link the image (jpg) or text to the PDF files on the server, and then I delete the code from the drag and drop upload of the PDF again.
Maybe this causes the strange problems?
Any help will be gratefully!

PS: I have just seen that there is PHP 8 running on the server, maybe that’s the problem?

Running the same setup on my server and Alloy content updates are instant. I’d bet good money that It’s nothing to do with RW, Stacks, Foundry or Alloy.

You may be getting warm with the PDF process, which sounds like a nightmare, both to administer, and technically.

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Try to update to 8.1 and check again.

Thank you Jan, for the suggestion. I have tried it, but unfortunately it makes no difference.

I have observed the following behaviour: If I log in to the editor after a longer break and make a FIRST change in an embed, this is displayed directly on the web page. However, any further changes during this session are no longer displayed immediately, but only after approx. 10-15 minutes. Logging out and in again in the editor doesn’t make a difference.

After a longer break (couple of hours maybe?) the first change in an embed is displayed again directly on the website, but then again… like described above.

Does this fact mean anything to anyone in this forum?

I know you say it is not a caching issue. But what you describe above sounds exactly like caching to me. I’ve never had anyone else report anything like this before, and Alloy has been around for quite a few years now.

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