Embeds and Droplets - What's the difference?

Hm, I watched most of the tutorials on Foundry 3 and Alloy and still find myself unable to figure out what’s the explicit difference between embeds and droplets? It looks like you can do the same with both more or less. So which use cases would you use embeds and in which scenarios droplets?

I’m clueless. Anyone able to explain the difference to me?

Droplets will “inject” CMS content into some Foundry stacks. Each Embed is essentially it’s own stack that will “inject” a block of content into a page.


Let’s say you want to use Alloy to manage an image that sits inside the Foundry Banner stack, for this you’d use a Droplet.

But, if you wanted to add a block of text, perhaps with a video and even some pictures, into a container on a Foundry page, you’d first create that block of content as an Embed, then drag the unique Embed stack to the RW project page, dropping into the container you want it to appear in.

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Hi @pumpkin – I’ve recorded a couple of videos for the Alloy Documentation that should help show the differences between the two:



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Thanks, both of you. I watched the video but still was unsure what to use when.