Enhancment? - Recent Blogs Stack

Hi Adam (and all),

I was thinking about the recent blogs stack which I use on the front page of my site.

(Link to view)

Love it as with everything about this, but wanted to ask if there is a way of displaying the used image of the most recent blog post as a small thumb alongside the recent post.

So at the moment, we can have the flexibility of displaying the text summaries, and the title of a determined number of posts, etc. Could we also have the ability to have a thumb of the image?

I realise that this may not be as simple as it sounds, as there would need to be some processing of the image somewhere in the Alloy world.

My solution might be to have the ability to post with the actual post (in the editor) a second thumb image that the user uploads if they wish to turn on that function in the recent posts stack?

Might be a big bit of coding for that one so it’s an enhancment.

Adam, any thoughts? Anyone have a work around?


I’ll add this to my feature request list. It is far more complicated than it sounds. I can’t make any promises this will make it into the stack. If it does it will not be soon, unfortunately.


Hi Adam, that’s fine, and thanks for the response.

It would be easy to load up the full-size topper image, and then just scale it down, but I suspect that most people don’t want that as it would load large files for a simple list.

Hi Adam

After getting my feet wet with Alloy, I came to the forum specifically to see if this was being discussed at all. Just adding my vote for the above request to display an image with the posts in the recent blog posts stack. I also saw another request for a columns layout for recent posts, which be amazeballs too.

I understand it’s difficult and not on your short list of features to add, if at all.

Thanks for making such amazing products! Love Foundry and all things Elixir.