Enjoying Foundry, Alloy and Potion Pack?

Hey there everyone!

I had a lot of emails over the weekend in regards to Foundry and Alloy. Whether they were asking pre-sales questions or looking for help trying to figure something out, almost all of them had really nice things to say about the products. It really brings me a lot of joy when I hear from users telling me that their job in creating a site has been made more fun and enjoyable as well as easier due to one of my products.

If you’re enjoying one of the products I make – Foundry, Alloy, Potion Pack or one of the many other themes or stacks – I would ask that you take just a minute or two and give that product a Like on the Realmac Software Community Site for RapidWeaver. Doing so helps us out a lot by bringing more attention to the products. It takes just a couple of seconds to leave a Like. If you have a couple extra minutes a nice Comment on the product page is always a bonus, but I do know that takes a little more time, so please don’t feel obligated to do so. Just a Like would mean a lot! The RapidWeaver Community pages for some of our products are here:

Also, while I’m here, just a couple of small updates: I’ve got some small bug fixes in the works for Foundry. I’m also working on doing some road mapping for Foundry, Potion Pack and Alloy for their future development and added features. So there is a lot more in the works!