Equalize - great improvement - but I have some issues

Hi all. Yesterday I was very delighted to see and install the new Equalize stack. I was really waiting for something like that. Thanks so much for that Adam! This morning I found an update to this helpful stack but for some reason I still have some issues getting content really equal. I watched the intro video and did everything suggested. In preview mode my content looks equal but published there is still one display stack unequal. Perhaps something can see what might be wrong?
This is the URL, you will find 5 display boxes at the bottom of the page. The one with “Homöopathie” is too long :((

Thanks for your suggestions and by the way, I love Foundry and everything coming with it :))


Hi, leg mal nicht das ganze Display stack in den Equalize stack, sondern immer nur die Paragraph stacks, dann sollte es gehen…

Danke Jan! Hatte ich auch so gemacht. Hänge Dir hier meinen Screenshot an.
Herzliche GrĂĽĂźe

Hm. Hast Du ggf. bei den Colums equal heigth angeklickt? Dann nimm das mal raus… Oder benutze den GRID stack…

Nein, hatte ich nicht. Ich warte mal ob Adam was dazu schreibt bevor ich die Grid stack benutze. Komisch ist für mich, dass in der Browservorschau alles korrekt dargestellt wird und nach dem veröffentlichen eben nicht. Danke für Deine wertvollen Tips!

Hattest Du auch republish all gemacht? Evtl. sind sonst einige Änderungen nicht live gegangen…

Yes I did republish all sites after updating :))

Hi there @Juergen –

It looks like you have a javascript error on your page. I don’t believe this is a Foundry related error:

If you create a simpler page to test your Grid layout with Equalize does it have the problem still?

Thanks for your reply Adam. It seem to be an issue with Armadillo. I’ve just updated Armadillo and now Equalize stacks looks good and the Javascript error disappeared. My only concern is that the current Armadillo CMS version seems not to work properly on the server where this project is running but that’s a different work station. Have a great day, Jürgen

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Glad you got it sorted. :+1:

Schön das est gelöst ist… :wink:

Have a great day!

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