Equalize Tool Help - F3

Are there any examples of how to best use the Equalize tool. I’m trying to build a page with Cards laid out in Columns and I would like all of the cards in a row to be the height of the tallest card.

It sounded like this was what the Equalize tool would accomplish, but so far I have been unable to get it to work. I have also not yet found any examples of it being used in the Starter Kits.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Same here. I added the parent Equalize Stack to the page, have 3 child stacks in which I have the cards that I want to have equal height. Does not work for me.

Update. I inspected the code on this page: Equalize

I noticed that Adam did not put the whole card into the equalize stack, but just the paragraph, which defines the content that causes the different heights. I did the same, and now it works.

Guess that’s what he meant with “specific content items”. A card itself is not specific enough. A paragraph is though :wink:


Yes, I even use two sometimes. Group 1 for the headers, group 2 for the paragraphs, if the headers differ too much.

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In the Mercury Project that came with F3, there is an example of the Equalize tool in the CALL TO ACTION—007 page

And Call to Action–010 page

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Not long after I first posted this question, I also discovered that you needed to equalize the content of a card for it to work. Now it works as advertised. Thanks for the insights.


This is pretty much how Equalize worked in Foundry 2 as well, but I don’t know if a lot of people explored it all that much. This version centralizes the code that does the equalizing though, which makes things more lightweight.

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