Error in Shutter Stack

Help! I’m using the new shutter stack in batch mode. I have six galleries - all shutter stacks, all batch mode. I have uploaded the files - nothing unusual with respect to size (max size is 400K, max dimensions 1024px). All files are 72dpi. No spaces in file names.

When I try to display the page I get the following error message:

	<a class="shutter-img" href="batch/Friday/Eastbourne-Friday-1.jpg"><br />

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imageresolution() in /home/transliv/public_html/ on line 293

When I look at the code for the webpage this is the very last line of code.

The webpages for a client. The address is Eastbourne Photos | Transliving

What is going on?

Many thanks,


What is the image type? PNG?

Hi Adam,

All images are JPGs.


And you’ve checked to make sure you’re using PHP 7.4?

If so then you’ll need to provide us a ZIP file containing your project file and your images. You can use Dropbox, WeTransfer or a similar service to create a download link to your ZIP file and post it here for us.

Ahhhh … I’ve just contacted the hosting company. The website has an older version, but they are going to upgrade it. I’ll then test it again and see if it works. For now I’ve copied the stacks into onto my website and it works fine (and at least they can look at the photos).

Thanks. :pray:t2:

No problem. It happens. I’m going to post the Shutter requirements below for anyone who stumbles across this thread in the future to help them out as well:

What you need

We use the latest Stacks API for this stack to help facilitate its functionality. You’ll need the following tools to make use of Shutter for your site:

  • RapidWeaver v8 or newer
  • Stacks v4 or newer
  • PHP v7.4

Browser support

This stack is designed with modern browsers in mind to give your visitors the best experience possible. It will work nicely in the most recent versions of these browsers:

  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Edge

Thanks Adam. All very helpful. I’d not thought to check the PHP version. I’ll try to remember to let you know it all works okay when the upgrade is done - but it won’t be for a day or two now as I’m away overnight and just about to head out.

All working fine now (although I need to finish the page set up). Thank you again.


Not a problem. Glad that sorted things out for you.

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