External Link Issue

I’m having an issue on this page: Orange County Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP) | Orange County, CA

The “Map of unincorporated areas” button should open an external link but the page’s url is added as a prefix in the link.

Any ideas? I feel like this has happened before, but I couldn’t find the answer.

Looks like you didn’t add a prefix to the URL. You currently have www.ocpublicworks.com as the URL, but it should have either an http:// or https:// prefix, like this: https://www.ocpublicworks.com

Clear the current URL from the button and retype it properly and see if that doesn’t fix your problem.

:rofl: OMG, thanks Adam. I think I may need a vacation.

Did that fix it for you? If not let me know and send me your project file. :+1:

That worked, thank you, :grin:

Not a problem. Have a nice rest of the week.