F3 'Columns / Grid' Vertical Gutter?

I have setup a Column / Grid with four columns and four rows. I have put a button into each cell. I then attempt to set the gutters. The horizontal gutter works OK but the setting (Presets 1-5) for the vertical gutter is ignored, so all the rows abut one another.

I thought it might be something to do with my project file as it is using a number of non-Foundry stacks. So I setup a new project to test this out with the same result.

I suspect I have missed a setting somewhere to make this work, but can’t see it at the moment. :thinking:

Please provide your project file so we can see your setup.

I have DM’d you link details to the project file. :slight_smile:

I’m away from my computer today so I can’t open your RW project file. You should post it here so others might be able to assist you. Otherwise you’ll have to wait on me.

Thinking on it while waiting on our realtor… have you turned off the button’s Base Margin?

Yes, it was turned off! Turning it on creates the gap. A good bit of remote thinking - thank you. :grinning:

A further thought; as I need to set the Base Margin ON to achieve the vertical separation in the grid, I have had to set the Base Margins in the Control Centre to match the horizontal gutter I want(0.25 rem), which affects everything. What is the Vertical gutter for?

Vertical Gutter does work. I’ve used it recently myself. It is the separation of columns when they stack vertically at various breakpoints. You do not need to use Base Margin to separate columns when stacked. If you need space between two column tools, then using the Spacing tool. Modularity is the key to Foundry.

Ah, OK. Thanks for the pointer and explanation. I will use the Spacing Tool to achieve what I want. :slight_smile:

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