F3 has launched!

Huge congratulations to @elixirgraphics on the launch of Foundry 3! :champagne:

As part of the Beta team, I can tell you that Adam has poured so much love into F3. It’s been blood, sweat and tears for 18 months.

If you want to see the level of detail that’s gone into it, just check out the extensive tooltips throughout - those were the ‘tears’ days! :joy:

Bear in mind that this is a ground-up product, and completely different to the Foundry 2 that you all know and love, so sites are built from scratch…

As a brand new product, based on a newer Bootstrap version, you can’t mix F2, Potion or Thunder pack tools with F3, but Alloy WILL work, as long as you use the ‘Shim’ tool that is in the latest version of Alloy, so make sure you’re updated!

Do bear in mind that this is a massive launch, and is bound to raise many questions, so please take the time to watch all the videos, and read the documentation - there’s new ways to do much of the stuff you’ve done before - you just need to do some digging around to find it in some cases - and it’s fun to figure out new ways to do stuff!

(Not that one!)


Thank you so much @jacksona. It really does mean a lot coming from you and all of the other testers as well. You all provide so much help and guidance along the way that was incredibly invaluable.

A lot of what is seen in Foundry 3 has been influenced by the beta testers, often from them finding my daft mistakes, but really more so in their suggestions, critiques and requests. I didn’t want to leave anyone out, so I asked them all in our private beta testing Discord group if I could mention them. So while I am going to list some of them below by their forum screen names know there are several others who also helped as well.

So I’d like to thank @Steve_J, @jacksona, @mitchellm, @Fuellemann, @egomade, @DLH

I really hope that everyone finds fun in building their sites using Foundry 3. While it is a lot of work to build a page or a site there is so much potential for fun in exploring and experimenting, and Foundry 3 opens up a lot of versatility in this arena.

In addition to the resources @jacksona linked to above I’ve also created a small FAQ here, but I will also be creating a pinned post here on the forum, when I can come up for air that should also help people with common questions.

Oh, and as for the Tooltips @jacksona mentioned — those were indeed very much the tears. There are, at last count, 3,672 tooltips found throughout Foundry 3 in the settings palettes of the various tools. :laughing::rofl::sob:


Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to deal with it yet and won’t have for the time being. It’s a shame, of course, because I’ve started several RW projects and now still have to do them with F2. But that is the price for a completely new product with certainly many, new possibilities.

With all love to Foundry and all understanding why you made it a completely new product without upgrade possibility, for us this is not exactly the easiest way with our projects. Every project will have to be completely redone at some point, if I understand correctly.

But yes, a little bit of whining has to happen. :sweat_smile: I’ve been excited about Foundry the last few years and will certainly stay loyal, and of course look forward to seeing what F3 can do.

One more thing: the things from Potion and Thunder Pack don’t work in F3 anymore. Are these or similar stacks and functions included in F3 right from the start or will we have to buy them later in separate packs? I use quite a few things from these two packs.

And finally, one more question: how long will you continue to support F2 with necessary updates?


Hey @dogbone – If you have sites running Foundry 2 right now and they’re accomplishing their goal then don’t change them. Seriously. Why create more work for yourself? While my new Foundry 3 site is using, well Foundry 3, my main Elixir site is still using Foundry 2, and will likely be until I decide it needs a refresh. No need in making more work for ourselves, am I right?!

I talk about this in the FAQ and some of the blog posts I created leading up to Foundry 3’s release. That said – I’ve rolled a lot of the features of the add-on packs into Foundry itself. It means not duplicating functionality with slightly different feature sets like in Foundry 2, and that those extra features add to the options of the main suite of tools. It also means not needing to pay for upgrades to those add-on packs.

If there are major concerns with Foundry 2 I’ll address them for quite some time. I don’t have an outside date on this at the time, but considering Foundry 2 is pretty mature I don’t see this being much of a problem. It means no new features will be added to Foundry 2, but I will indeed address critical issues. After all I am just one man. :laughing:


You are right! In most cases, of course, that is true.

Sorry, I just haven’t gotten around to reading all the FAQ and blog posts yet. Sounds really good though that the majority of the additional option packages have been integrated into F3. I’m really curious how the work with these new tools in F3 will be.

It’s very reassuring to read that, as some F2 projects will surely remain for some time. There are customers who invest quite a bit and then their site should also run for a few years before it can be completely renewed.

Yes, I feel the same way :rofl:

Thanks for your detailed answers and your great work! It’s good to know that I’m still in good hands with Foundry.