Alloy blog stack working with Foundry 3?

@thor0128 It looks like on your server you’ve got both an index.html file and an index.php file in your main home page:

The HTML file will always load by default instead of the PHP file. You likely uploaded the page the at some point before adding Alloy, which has to switch the page to using PHP.

My suggestion – delete the index.html file from your server, then go back to RW and do a Republish All Files from within RW.

Now the Blue update, all button keeps coming back after clicking update all and waiting for a few seconds. Then it turns back to update all but alloy is not updated.

Additionally @thor0128 it looks like you have Alloy in a Conditional but ONLY in the Full Entry view. This is why you’re seeing nothing in the Summary View:

I am on the macdock server in the PUBLIC_HTML file no index.html is listed

@thor0128 — Please see this post above. I suspect this is your main problem. You’ve not supplied anything in the Summaries View of the Conditional.

That said if you visit these URLs you’ll see two different pages. So I suspect you either have two pages or you’ve goto something else going on there:

It should not take 15 minutes for an update. I just did it from my laptop running RapidWeaver Classic, Stacks 5 and macOS Ventura and it took about 20 seconds to update from Alloy 3.2.0 to 3.3.1.

The things you’re describing @TitanWDD are all related to the Stacks plugin itself it sounds like and not Alloy, as Alloy has not control or say over the updater itself.

As stupid as it sounds, you might try quitting and restarting RapidWeaver. If you’ve already done that, give your Mac a restart.

If you continue to have problems with the Stacks updater you can retrieve v.3.3.1 via the Order Lookup system found on the Foundry Documentation pages and Elixir Support pages using the email address you used for your purchase.

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I am not seeing any view on my web page… so I am not following the fixes you are suggesting. sorry

You’ve omitted the Blog Entries tool that should go here:

The Conditionals tutorial video will walk you through how to make use of it:

Me exactly the same problem, no update.

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Stacks sometimes has issues with larger updates. It does update the stacks, but doesn’t look like it has.

Usually best to have an empty project for running updates. I’ve noticed that bigger projects, with lots of stacks usually cause this issue.

Click to update all.
Wait for the button to refresh.
FORCE QUIT Rapidweaver.
Restart Rapidweaver.
All should be well.


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Also, check your trash folder. If the old version of Alloy stack is there, it updated. Restart Rapidweaver


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble updating Alloy @Rien. I’ve tried it again this morning and it updates quite fast here still. If you’re still having trouble after the help from @Steve_J and @jacksona above you can use the order lookup system I mentioned above to grab the latest copy using your email address to lookup the order and get the download link.

@TitanWDD Did you get your copy of Alloy updated?

@thor0128 Were you able to sort out your problem with the Conditional that I pointed out and get it fixed up?

I got the latest copy via the downloadlink. Noe it works fine!

Good to hear! Glad you were able to get it.

Yes, and you’re right. I can’t believe I didn’t think restart the program. LOL

HI Adam, I hope you’re well. Quick question. Do we need the F3 shim if we’re building out a whole new Blog page with Alloy and F3?
All the best

Yes. Using Alloy with Foundry 3 always requires the F3 Shim tool.

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:+1: Great, thanks Adam

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