F3: sticky column next to scrolling column

Hello, Foundry community! I am using F3 and trying to make a simple 2-column layout with the ability for one column to stay fixed, while the opposite scrolls. I have difficulty determining which combination of tools to use to make this work. I tried the Pin tool, but its functionality pulls the contained content outside of the columns tool and pins it to the corner of the browser (which makes sense).

Here is an example site showing what I am trying to do.

Would appreciate any ideas or recommendations for how to achieve this.

Try the partitions stack: https://foundry.elixirgraphics.com/documentation/partitions/#gsc.tab=0


The Slipstream tool in Foundry 3 might also be to your liking.

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Oh, this is great! I must have missed this being added to the toolkit. This solves the majority of what I want to do. I just wish I could have a dropzone (that would push down the nav) above the navigation to place a some content, like a photo, name, icons etc. Hopefully, this can be considered for a future update.


I thought about trying to use Partitions for this as well. I will give it a shot. Having only seen it used for documentation I guess I never considered using it for something much more simple. Thanks for the recommendation!

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