Feature request - Built-in settings for spacing between stacks

I used to use Will Woodgate’s Themeflood theme which automatically allocated a set spacing (20px I think) between stacks as they were added to a page. This could be disabled if required.
I found it a great way to get an uncluttered look to a page without having to adjust individual margins for each stack.
Just wondering if this could be done in Foundry.
Or maybe it can already but I couldn’t find anything in the control centre

One solution would be to create a partial stack using the Foundry Margin stack with set margins of 20px. Then you can drop all your other individual stacks into copies of this partial. Benefit 1. If you use the Foundry Margin stack, you can also set separate margins or padding for desktop / tablet / mobile. Benefit 2. By using a partial, if you decide to change the margin down the track, you can tweak the partial and it will update all instances where it is being used on your site project file.

Edited: Forgot to mention, you will also need to toggle the little pin icon in the top right of the partial to make the contents editable. The pin should be blue on a white background (editable content) rather than the default white on a blue background (locked content)


Thanks for the reply.
Yes, partials are great (especially with the changes Isaiah is flagging with the latest version of Stacks), but dropping any stack onto a page and it having automatically spaced a certain number of pixels from the one above was a nice one-step solution in Themeflood, and I presume other themes as well.

I don’t think the “one-step solution” you mention was common. Will’s themes tend to do things a bit differently. I’m not sure which one you were using as ThemeFlood is the name of the entire collection of themes.

… that said a collection of stacks like Foundry (or Foundation or a few others) is intended to give folks more flexibility. One person’s beauty is another person’s ugly. With Foundry you can create 40 px between stack blocks (if you want), or create different spacing schemas depending on whether the device used by the end user is desktop, table, phone. But there’s a small price to be paid for this extra flexibility: things like what you want aren’t built in for you, but it is very easy as @webinjection mentions to create your own design spacing approach.

A traditional theme tries to make it as simple as possible for the designer to get a look just as presented in the theme. That’s great! But a non-theme theme like Foundry is trying to give the designer lots of extra flexibility in terms of how they design their websites. That’s great too!

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Hi there @Phloque!

Foundry has something like this now. If you notice many of the stacks have a feature called “Remove Base Margin” within their settings. The Base Margin is a set distance that is added to the bottom of those stacks. It is uniform amongst all of the stacks that have this feature.

For instance, in this example I have added no margin to any of the stacks. They’ve only just been added to the page, yet they all have a uniform spacing:

This allows for a nice vertical flow to the page without needing to add margins yourself – though of course you can add more margin to these stacks manually, or use the “Remove Base Margin” to disable it.

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One of the things that sets Foundry apart is how beautifully that page elements are spaced out. There is very little fine tuning to do and you often have control of spacing for mobile, tablet and desktop where appropriate. What this means is that your pages will look right using the default settings and you don’t have to spend ages adjusting individual stacks to get it to look right. Usually Foundry designs look right straight of the box.

Having a function that applies a fixed spacing to every single stack would be a visual disaster IMHO.

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Thanks for the feedback folks. The reason I switched to Foundry was the clean cut look I could achieve.
That and its powerful simplicity and flexibility.
The theme I used to use was Flood 4.2, and the Vertical Spacing function allowed stacks be placed on the page at spacings of 0 to 100 in 10 pixel increments. Interestingly - to me anyway - the default setting is a whopping 50 pixels.
Just on Adam’s point about margins being built in to the stacks, it seems to me that it is padding rather than margin which is being added, although it gives the same effect, until you want to put a border around the stack.
Anyway, it’s starting to sound like I’m quibbling when I am very happy with Foundry and just thought I’d ask about a nice-to-have feature based on familiarity with a previous theme.
All the best

@Phloque Glad to hear you’re enjoying Foundry so far!

The feature you’re referring to, as I mentioned above, and as far as I can tell from your descriptions of things, is built-in to Foundry. Like I said, it is an inherent feature called Base Margin and is on by default – but can be disabled on a stack-by-stack basis.