Feature request / CSS Help - Slider

In the Foundry Slider stack, when using a Hero slide, there’s an option to have an overlay text with a few different text sizes. Is it possible to have those selected based on screen size (i.e. one for mobile / tablet / desktop)?

The feature request stands, but realizing that CSS is probably the way to go.

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That isn’t currently a feature of the stack, sorry. Perhaps something to think about for the future, or a standalone stack that is more targeted at that sort of thing.

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Any thoughts on the CSS? I think I was editing the post in the middle of your reply…

You could probably write some of your own custom CSS to achieve that as long as you have a pretty good grasp on CSS media queries.

That’s why I came here but I can try a different forum.

@jabostick This is a common requirement in my experience to keep the text working on small screens. You can use the Content slide and add a BWD SectionsPro set to 100% height with vertical centred content and then use either BWD HeaderPro set to the available 4 sizes of text or even better is to use the BWD Billboard which will scale infinitely. Works well.


Custom coding solutions isn’t something I provide as a part my support for my products. It is a case of if I do it for one person I have to do it for everyone. And with me being just one person those custom code solutions, along with normal support, would pretty much take up my entire day, every day.

In addition to time constraints it would also mean that I’d need to keep track of each custom code change so that when I made updates to products I could keep each one in mind in order to try and ensure all of those custom solutions I’d written for everyone would continue to work. And if they didn’t I’d then be responsible for fixing those custom bits of code.

It just isn’t something that is really fair to put on one person, in my opinion. This is why I decided nearly 10 years ago to produce products and support them really well as they are, and if something like this warrants a possible feature addition in the future I can then do that to help out all of the users of that product instead of weighing things down with individual pieces of custom code.

Hope that makes sense.

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Not criticizing fairness. I came here first because it was your stack is all. I found the code I needed elsewhere so it’s all good.