Feature Request: Form Pro Success Message placement


currently the success message appears on top of the form. I would love to see it at the bottom near the SEND button, as the user might have to scroll up to see the error or success message on smaller displays. It is just more convenient to have it near the button for this “instant-satisfaction” thing.



I get what you’re going for here. Only problem I see here though is the page is reloaded when the form gets sent. The page then jumps to the success message programmatically. Putting the message at the bottom of the form might be a weird place to have the page jump to. If it were an AJAX form and the page was not reloading I think I’d be there with you on this one.

If the form could place the message at the top OR at the bottom in general, but we jump to the button place OR another fix point within the form OR like to xxx pixels beneath the beginning of the form, than we would have everything covered :slight_smile:

I am finding that the Success message is out of sight on my 27" iMac.

This is the page https://www.insidetaichi.com/workshops/3-Circles-of-Tai-Chi/

Looks like it is just being covered up by the sticky navigation. The form does not know you have sticky navigation enabled as they can not interact.

Thanks. Now I see what is happening I have added 100px padding to the top of the Form Pro stack. It’s now visible on the iMac but not yet tested on other screen sizes.

All the best

I have some points regarding the success-message too. The most important one is the anchor. Currently it reads ‘#stacks_in_4_page2’ which is really weird to the user.


In the section ‘Misc.’, there is already the ‘Success msg.’ and one could add there the ‘Success anchor’, so we can give it a nice name ourselves.

Furthermore, I have the same problem as @Dog has. I don’t want to have to add a 100px margin, just because of this situation, which makes my page look weird.
So, if I could name the anchor myself, I can add that anchor to the top of the page, and then the success msg would not be hidden anymore.

I really want to avoid having to modify the PHP file every time.


Hi there @MrMacvos

The unique anchor ID is generated based off the unique stacks ID for the form. This is to make sure that it does not conflict with other anchors or IDs on the page. It is also used for the POST action for the form in order to have a unique distinguishing ID there as well. These have to be unique. If I place a field for the user to name these items and they are not uniquely named then problems occur.

I receive an average of one email a week relating to forms not being received by the user and it ends up they have not inserted an email address in the form settings, which is essential, so I can easily see that this could be a problem if they’re not uniquely named. Let me think about it and see if I can’t come to a compromise.

For the offset portion of this – I can insert some margin above the message (user configurable amount) after the form is submitted. This way the margin would not be there normally and would only be added once the form has been submitted. Would this cover what you guys are looking for?


Would that be variable at the 3 breakpoints?

My plan was for a single offset setting, but I’ll look at it and see what can be done.

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Thanks, I look forward to it.