Feature Request - Future Dates & Sort Order

I am using multiple Alloy blogs on my site to record past and future activities/events where the blog date is the date of the event/activity.

Additional options for Alloy to be able to be able to display date entries into the future (e.g. future events) and have the order set to the nearest future event first would be very useful. This would be for both the Blog entries and the Blog Editor.

I have been able to achieve this by patching the code in the generated index.php files: setting the value of todays_date to e.g. 1/1/2099 and sorting DSC rather than ASC.

But having this as a standard feature of Alloy would save me having to do the patches and would probably be useful to other Alloy users?

Blogs don’t display future dated posts. Blogs use future dated posts for publishing automatically. Alloy is designed to be a blogging system. I think you’re looking for a calendar system. I believe YabDab used to have a nice Calendar system for RW. You might check that out if it is still available.

Doesn’t look like YabDab still sell Calendar. Another option is 1LD’s Events stack, or possibly StacksCal, by StacksAppStacks.

These kind of stacks are a bit thin on the ground!

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Thanks for the suggestions. :slight_smile:

The advantage (to me) of using a “patched” Alloy is that it allows Blog Editors to modify the content as opposed to me. Also the future event content then becomes a previous event once it has happened. I just move an event from the future posts to the previous posts, meaning it disappears from one blog and appears in the other. Both blogs are in the same consistent format which will be much better for users of the website.

You’re welcome to do as you like. Just know I cannot offer support for your modified version so if something goes wrong you would be in your own unfortunately.