Feature request Image Hover

Hello Adam
Any chance some time down the track of having the option add a title to the Image Hover stack, like you’ve done with Display?
The title would show when in static mode.
Then this stack would be perfect.
And I know you’ve got so much spare time on your hands.

Not sure if I follow on this one. Perhaps you can give me a clearer description or an example?

Sorry Adam, I should have said label (which is what it’s called on Display), not title.
It could be turned on or off as it can be in Display.
Here’s my mock-up of what I have in mind for an Image Hover image in static mode.


Ah, I see. I’ll note this down as something to look at and see if I can make that work within the framework that already exists for that stack. Without looking I’d give this one a 50/50 chance honestly.

I’m hard at work on a lot of changes, updates, additions, etc for Foundry’s base set of stacks right now, so it might be a while before I can look at this one. Though if I find myself needing a break I may take a look at it sooner.


Thanks Adam
Appreciate the feedback.
In the meantime, because I like Image Hover so much, for some of my key images I am creating labels as part of the image - like the mock-up I posted.
Pretty tedious and not something I’d be doing for my whole site.