Feature request: Reveal - Add Out Animations

Hi, I am playing around with Reveal and I want an white plain image to disappear to the left. Then I saw that I can only use Fade In animations. Is it possible to add out-animations as well?

Animations are triggered when they come into view so animating something out goes against what the stack does, so that feature doesn’t make much sense to me for Reveal.

Let us say you want to hide something behind a white background. Now I would love to have the white background fade away to the left. This is triggered when the user comes into view of the so-far hidden object.

How could I achieve that if there is no fade-out?

You would not achieve that with Reveal. That isn’t something that the stack is design to do.

I see - any idea how to?

Not sure what you mean. Any idea how to do what? Create the effect you’re looking for? If so, not sure off the top off my head, but I’m sure there’s some stack out there to do what you want. Check the RapidWeaver Community.