Feature Request: SEO Helper Stack

Hi, the Foundation environment has a utility called SEO helper stack. It does:

"SEO Helper allows you to easily manage all of today’s modern SEO requirements at one shot. Combined with Stacks partials, you can easily manage global meta tags across your webpages. SEO Helper supports all of the current modern tags.

Facebook Open Graph
Geo Location
Basic meta tags
Structured Data
Twitter Cards"

This kind of stack would be a huge timesaver for me in all the projects I am working with. And I think Foundry should provide a similar solution as well.

Could you do that, Adam? Or is there a similar stack I could buy?



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It is really easy to do this by hand and if you are doing lots of sites it would be well worth building a working text document with the text to paste into the RW Head. You often need to add the stuff that SEO helper doesn’t do such as business opening hours, business type, etc. There are plenty of good sites that will show you what exactly to create and also test and validate.

If you have Foundation you can also use SEO Helper with Foundry or any theme.

Or simply copy the meta data from another similar site and edit the specific parts of your business and load to your site. It can be a good exercise to look at the data used in sites that are highly ranked by Google which you can copy, edit and paste.

I do think that there is a place for a really good general SEO Meta stack that helps to create, offer guidance and has links to validation all in one package.



Great request Jan :+1:
-would be excellent!!

I’ll be the first to tell you that I am not an SEO master. My approach for myself has always been to have relevant content and links and write my content naturally. I include browser titles and a few other minor things, but I do not go overboard.

While I don’t discount anything mentioned above as things for your site(s), I also do not proclaim to know all there is to know when it comes to SEO, so I would likely not be the person to build such a stack.


I find the inbuilt RW Health Check utility very useful. I also use SEO Rx from Chillidog although it may be a bit of an overkill. Site Map Plus is a handy tool for seeing all your browser titles and meta descriptions etc in the one place, and for checking page default errors, and important things like uploading .xml files to google. Google’s and Mozilla’s free tools are also valuable.
Right now google seems only interested in content, and particularly in helpful content, plus giving its robots an idea of what your site/page is about by good use of headers 1 to 3.
Personally I’d prefer Adam continue with his fine innovative work in helping me create stylish and interesting websites than working on yet another SEO tool.


You are right. And using a text document is not too difficult, either :slight_smile: