Feature Request - Side Slide Button Icons

Hi There,

Absolutely loving the Foundry framework :slight_smile: literally the best framework I’ve work with within Rapidweaver!

One thing I have come across recently is the SideSlide stack doesn’t seem to have the ability to add an icon within the button text alike the other button stack is this on purpose? If not it would be great for a few projects I have been working on for the Icon to be enabled for this stack!

I understand its not a trivial thing however with all the great features of foundry it would be a nice touch :slight_smile:


You can always force an icon eg. <i class="fa fa-search"></i> as part of the button text will put an “fa” search icon there. You could also use <img> tags if the icon is a special suitably sized image.

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Hi @wirrah

Thanks for the reply!

Yeh I was aware of the work arounds that were available just thought I’d post in terms of things being uniform etc etc

Always handy to have the quick option rather than adding additional code, foundry is super useful with that already so was just putting the request forward :slight_smile:

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I’ll note it as a possible addition for a future update.


Hi @elixirgraphics,

No worries as I said I understand its very minor :slight_smile:


It shouldn’t be hard to do, it is just that I have a lot of other projects going right now ahead of it.