Feature request: SlideSide overlaying the complete page

Hi, here in Germany we are required to add a lot of legal information to a website. I found SlideSide to be a great asset in providing this information in a very unobtrusive way.

Especially for mobile views I would love SlideSide to fill the complete page as an option. Information can be displayed and read better this way and such an option would provide a few more interesting angles in our web design approaches.



The Side Slide stack is meant to be just a portion of the screen. If you wish to cover the entire screen you could try using the Focus stack. If Iā€™m misunderstanding though, please let me know.

After rereading your post I think I get what you were asking. You basically want the ability to control the width of the Side Slide slide out at the Mobile Breakpoint to have it be 100%, but only there, correct?


Yes. Like mitchellm suggested, we could use % based numbers :slight_smile: That would be great!

Have added it as something to look at.


I know this is a very old thread, but I would love to see this addition. I simply cannot use this stack with phones.

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