Feature Request

Hi Adam,

I see that Bootstrap 4 offers a collapse component. Any chance this could be added to the next update? I would really like to have this.


You’re in luck @unluckytoe! I already use Bootstrap’s Collapse in Foundry – it is called Accordion. You can see it in action here on the Documentation page for Accordion.

Hi Adam,

That’s not exactly what I’m looking for. If you look at the provided Bootstrap page, you will see that you can use either a button or link to expand the hidden container. There is another dev who makes a stack like this but I’m trying to not bring in anything that isn’t Foundry based.

The first example on the collapse page is a bit of an odd one, and as you point out isn’t like an accordion – a bit more like the Capsule stack. The implementation of the collapse element, in that form, isn’t on the docket right now. It could come down the road though.

@unluckytoe – It strikes me just now… would the Tabs stack, as shown in the second example on this page using the Pills type instead of the Tabs type, do the trick for you?

@elixirgraphics it’s very close. I would need to have all tabs closed on load. I may have to come up with a different way to display the content that my client is looking for.

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