File Attachment does not arrive with Foundry 3 Contact Form

May I please have some assistance or explanation as to why file attachments do not arrive. I am using the Foundry 3 Contact Form and add the Attachment [Max: 1].
I receive the contact form. However, if someone attaches file, the file does not come to me.
The file are mainly audio files and range from 2 - 8 MB.


You’ll want the audio files to be in a ZIP file. Also 2-8 mb is beyond the upload size allowed. I’m not able to look up what it is right now as my comprise packed in a box for shipping but I don’t believe it allows files sizes that large.

Thank you for your response.

Is there a work around to this? Some file, although Zipped may still be large. Also they could become corrupted.

Is there away to have the file sent a cloud site at the same time as the email sent when the submit button is activated?


@Blupi There is dedicated form software that will handle this kind of situation very well. My favorite is a product called MachForm.

With MachForm I’ve been able to have my students upload “stuff” that is 150+ Mb without any problem. Of course you can also do a lot of other things with it. Here’s their site:

Another approach is to use the Repository stack. It can be password protected. This is a very simple drag-drop interfact. It’s for uploading stuff, but does not handle emails per se. Of course others could upload the MP3 file (or WAV file) plus upload a Word doc or PDF that provides whatever text is needed.

I’ve used both (and still do) and they are excellent products.

A third approach would be to do what Adam (and several other developers) does when people want to send big files to them: use the We Transfer service (I believe that’s the name).

In general email services won’t handle big attachments well … especially over 2 or 3 Mb. There’s all sorts of good reasons for them to do this. More confusing … not every service provides the same upper limit. While you may be able to receive emails with 10 Mb of content, others can only send up to a max of 1 Mb total. So it can be pretty chaotic.

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