Fill in text automatically in a form

I have a form “Ask for an offer” which I use on several product pages, where I want the title of the product page to be filled in automatically in the form (Subject).

Can this be done in any way?

Form Pro supports this using it’s pre-defined subject field option: Form Pro Documentation

I was probably a little unclear in the wording.

What I mean is that Header, from the current page where the standard form is used, should be filled in automatically in the form. Hope you understand what I’m trying to achieve?

You want it filled in but editable by the user? If so that isn’t an option. If you just want the subject(s) to be pre-defined, Form Pro does that.

Filled in, but not editable.
The text will be different from page to page

Please see the documentation page that I linked to earlier: Form Pro Documentation

Pre-Defined Subject Field

This option allows you to create a pre-defined subject that will be applied to all of the emails that will be sent when a visitor fills out the form.

Subject Label
This settings allows you to configure the text for the subject field label text.

This field will contain the text that will be used for the contact form emails’ subject line. This will be the same for all emails sent using this form.

Add Subject Field To Body
Enabling this feature will add the contents of the Subject field to the email body when sent. This will result in the Subject field’s value being sent, along with the rest of the email.

OK. Thought I could make a Partial that I could insert on my 20 pages.

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