Finding Broken Links in RW Project

Just curious if anyone has an idea how to search for broken links in a RapidWeaver project. Using, it is reporting broken links, but I can not find them in my project. Several have to do with resources being reported in an “/image” folder that should be in a “/photos” folder.

Is there a way to search through a RW project specifically for these broken inks? I have looked at the “Web Inspector”, but I am not really familiar with it.

Thanks up front for any advice.

I don’t know if there is a way to do that inside RW. If your site has been published (whether to a test site or production), one option is to put the URL into the W3C Link Checker at W3C Link Checker and click on Check.

@AlanCraig Thanks for responding. Not quite what I needed. I know what links are broken. site checks for a variety of things. It reports the broken links and other things. The problem I have is that I know the broken links, but I can not find out where they are being reported from within the RW project. I have been through the pages, button links, and other things, and just can’t find out what item is reporting the back links or folders.

I will keep looking. Frustrating. Would be cool if RW could search the code for me.
Thanks again.

For broken links I use Integrity app, you may try it.

Then with BBEdit I can find the exact line of the problem link.


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden