FireFox Icons Messed Up

Anyone run into this issue with Foundry icons on FireFox?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Firefox is throwing up 3 CORS errors for the FA Angle symbols on your site in the Nav Bar. The code for the symbol is /f105 and if you look carefully you can see F105 being displayed.

I just did a test with a badge box using the same symbol in Firefox, and the badge box icon did show up for me on my test site.

One thing you could try to use use that same symbol - Angle right, elsewhere on that page and see if it shows up correctly. I’m wondering if the FA library is being loaded correctly by Stacks because it can’t detect the use of FA in the Nav Bar. I know this doesn’t solve it but just thinking out load really.

This is likely a CORS issue, or Cross Origin Resource Sharing. Some servers are not setup to allow this for web fonts and such. Here is a link to an example of a solution for the problem that is handled by creating, or adding to an existing .htaccess file.

Unfortunately it isn’t something Foundry can address directly as RapidWeaver doesn’t allow for the uploading of .htaccess files directly by stacks where it would be needed. Plus if Foundry did upload an .htaccess file of its own it would overwrite any you may have created, which would be bad. So it is understandable why RapidWeaver does not allow this.


Thanks @elixirgraphics, that solved it instantly. Much appreciated!

No problem. I’ll mark this one as solved then. :white_check_mark:

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