Flat Button 2 doesn't launch PopDrop

I searched long and hard to try to figure out why I can call up a PopDrop stack with other button stacks and html links, but not with my dearly beloved Flat Button 2. Hence my call out for help here.

All that should be required is to add the simple code to the ‘link’ setup for the button (see below). But it doesn’t work for Flat Button 2.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Flat Button doesn’t have a data-tag- for your 3rd-party “PopDrop” hard coded into it. It cannot do what you’re looking to accomplish.

Ah, I see, Adam. I guess non-developer me figured that if it can bring up that Set Link window, then it can work. Makes sense that the stack needs to have pipes behind it to know what to do with the settings.

Appreciate your quick reply, and all the great stuff you do that I use in my Rapidweaver work.

Happy weekend!

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No problem. Glad to help.

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