Float and Vertical Center

Hi, thanks for your input here.

I’m working with Foundry’s Float (responsive wrap text and content) stack. I’m running into issues getting the format to vertically align on Desktop.

Does anyone have a trick for this? I tried to use the Vertical Center stack, but it didn’t affect the layout the way I expected, pushing the text below the image. I’ve played with margins, but it throws of the mobile view.

Ideally the text on the right is centered vertically, and the overall height of the float stack is similar. With the title near the top.

Like this:

You don’t really want Float for this. Float serves a different purpose. You want a columnized layout. In this case using Equalize would work best, I think.

Here’s a quick sample project file: Equliaze-Sample.zip - Droplr

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@elixirgraphics great, I’ll give that a try.

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Did that work out for you?