Float stack illuminated text

I pasted this styled text into the “Float” stack

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 12.43.02 PM

I’m trying to do the illuminated letterhead and the “t” of the “the” be illuminated
So I need “he” on the same line and larger…

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 12.58.24 PM

When I try to change font size, it’s not changing size

That Floats stack is not a Foundry stack. That is a stack that comes with the Stacks add-on for RapidWeaver.

… and the great news is the Foundry Thunder stack comes with a Float stack of it’s own.

hmmm… yea was thinking about getting that too…

You also need to be careful pasting text from other applications into RW. When you do that, you are pasting a lot of hidden formatting code. A lot of devices will not display that hidden formatting correctly. You will want to paste text as “plain text” with the “Paste as Pain Text” item under the Edit menu. You would then do your font selection and sizing in RW. You can also select already pasted text and use the “Clear Formatting” command under the Format menu.

A telltale sign of pasting hidden formatting text is that the built-in font size adjustments don’t work.

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… all that said, I’m not sure that even the Foundry Float stack will get you what you want. Maybe yes, maybe no. Someone else may have a better insight into whether it will accomplish what you want.

Thanks I suspected… newb question here: How do I format the text?

I see there are a few controls in the popup when u double click the text,
but the inspector window shows font size and that slider doesn’t change font size.

As shown in my last image.

It depends on what you’re formatting specifically and your goal. Most stacks, like the Paragraph stack for instance, will have formatting controls built in.

Font size in Foundry should be controlled through the Foundry settings, whether in the individual Foundry stacks or the main Foundry Control Center. You can, for instance look at the Paragraph and Control Center stacks’ documentation pages for information on those.

If you’ve not watched through the video for the Control Center stack I would highly recommend it. :+1:

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Yes i’ve watched them all at least once. thx

Using your paragraph stack I can resize the entire paragraph. But not change a word or letter by itself. That’s what I understand so far correct me if i’m wrong.

That is exactly correct. That is by design.

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ok… maybe i’ll do the whole word as an image then.


why not just add a second paragraph stack specifically for the word/sentence you want to stylize different than the rest of the paragraph? then adjust the margins/padding to get it where you want…