Font changing in Tesla theme – for the free or Pro v

Hi there,

I’m looking for a solution regarding title font change in the Tesla theme (not Pro v.). My idea is to change it to a simple sans-serif font – Ubuntu would be nice.

By the way, I would change the content font in the same way. Is it possible in the Tesla Pro theme?

Any suggestion, snippet, or instruction would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Are you using the Stacks plugin?

Good morning @vess

The standard Tesla theme is actually under the watchful eye of Realmac. While I built the theme, they maintain the free version that is included with RapidWeaver.

As for Tesla Pro, which I maintain, there are some built-in font choices for the Site Title, Slogan and Body text.

CleanShot 2020-08-04 at 09.42.57

If you visit the product page for Tesla Pro and click on the Details tab you’ll find sections for those three items and the fonts that are available for them are listed there.

Using custom fonts isn’t an option of themes usually because of the way the API works. It might be doable in the latest version of the API with some wrangling, but it is not a part of the Tesla Pro theme. You’d have to go through the process of embedding your own fonts and writing your own custom CSS to target the elements of the page to assign those fonts to those items.

Rob, yes, I use the Stacks plugin, the 3.5 version I guess (… but my RW is a bit older – v.6.4 ). Is there any stack to workaround?

Thank you, elixirgraphics for your nice RW themes&stacks and your answer. As I’m more designer than a coder, it would be hard for me to embed a custom CSS in order to change the font.

I’ll follow your advice to see what’s on the Realmac forum about the free Tesla theme. Another alternative is to purchase the Tesla Pro copy, no doubt – with many more options.
Have a nice day!

Have a look at the free Fontstack stack from Stacks4sTacks - FontStack | Stacks4Stacks

This will allow you to apply a Google font of your choice to the body text of Tesla and has plenty of other options as well.

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Thank you Rob!
It seems like a good solution. I’ll give it a try.