Font Question/Problem

It’s me again!

I’m working on the same project I sent in by email a few days ago, but I’ve come across something strange. It’s more than likely a “me” issue, but I’m hoping you can help.

Yesterday I asked my wife to look at on her Windows laptop and I noticed the font was a serif font, but on my Macbook it’s a sans-serif font. I just thought she’d set her browser (Firefox) to display serif fonts. However, today I dusted off my Windows laptop and I’m seeing the same serif font.

In the Foundry settings I have both the base font and headers font set to Arial, but when I inspect the element with Firebug, it says the font is Helvetica Neue.

I’m not sure where Helvetica is coming from and why I’m seeing two different fonts on different operating systems.

Could Rapidcart be overriding the font settings?

Hi again @Neil

If you’d like I can look at it. I will need the project file again, as I don’t hold on to them. When you resend it via email I will also need you to include any 3rd-party, non-Foundry stacks in the ZIP file so I can try and hunt down your problem. If you have a live URL I can look at, please send that as well.

I sent this to @Neil in an email, but want to share it here so everyone can benefit from this if they’re having this problem as well.

It seems that the default font setting for the Base Font and the Headers Font in the Control Center stack was not correctly set. It had a typo in the default key in the Foundry PLIST file, which was causing problems. It was causing the Control Center stack to list the default font for both items as Arial but was mistakenly setting the font to Helvetica Neue, but with no fallback fonts for browsers or operating systems that might not support Helvetica Neue. This was causing problems for Windows users that don’t have Helvetica Neue installed. The default font for both the Base Font and the Headers Font is intended to be Helvetica Neue, but it is intended to have fallback fonts for Windows users.

If you’re running into this problem, please switch your Base Font and Headers Font settings to a different choice, and then switch back to Arial:

I will be fixing the bug in Foundry’s Control Center stack in an update. Unfortunately if you’re using the default font settings for Foundry in your existing project files this update, when released, will not be able to automatically change your current default font to the updated version. If you’re using the default fonts in the Foundry Control Center you will need to change the Base Font and Headers Font to something else and then change them back to what you want them to be, as shown above.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Also, thank you @Neil for finding this gem of a bug. I will get it fixed in the next update!

Many thanks to @elixirgraphics for his (always) prompt support and solutions.