FontAwesome icon library missing from Control Center?

The documentation says two icon libraries are included in the Control Center - Bootstrap icons and FontAwesome icons.

The icon stack says make sure you have enabled the fontawesome library - but it’s not in the control center icon library… It isn’t included by default and there’s no + symbol to add a child stack to the Icon Library in the control center stack either…

Have I missed a setting somewhere?



Here you can choose which font icon library you’d like to use on your page. We’ve included two widely used, and very nice looking libraries for you to pick from – the Bootstrap Icons library and the free version of the FontAwesome 5 library. You can also simply delete the child item in this section and no icon library will be loaded for this page.

We highly recommend the Bootstrap Icons library if you’re using one. It is much more lightweight than FontAwesome and contains nicely designed, modern icons.

Check out the documentation for the Control Center

You can only have one library loaded at a time. So, choose wisely. Delete the current one then there is an option to load the one you want to use.


And here is a great reference for the Bootstrap icons. I prefer these over FontAwesome.


Thanks… Documentation wasn’t clear that you could ONLY load one library so had to delete the Bootstrap ones before you could replace it with FontAwesome.

It’s possible to still add both, btw - by dragging the library out of the Control Center stack, then adding the other library to the Stack… both icon libraries then work on the page. No idea if this would conflict with anything though, but can’t image why it should?


You don’t want to load both – that is why I set it up the way I did. That is an incredible amount of baggage to burden your page with. Pick one style you like and stick with that one for your project.


Honestly, I do not know why that would be necessary to do. That never came up, I would imagine it would be very detrimental to page loads of the website. From a best practices I would not mix libraries like that.

Pick one, stick to it.

And it not being in the control center tool may cause some weirdness


Additionally each tool that uses a Font Icon Library will only allow you to pick from one at a time. This is done most purposefully.


Do we know what version of FontAwsome Foundry 3 supports ? Thanks. Justin

Foundry 3 comes equipped with the ability to choose between Bootstrap Icons or FontAwesome 5. I like the Bootstrap Icons as they’re more lightweight.