Fonts in different browsers not displayed

as beginner with RW and Foundry I have chosen a Font with Typeface, both as Google-font and as Self-hosted font, following all the instructions in the tutorials.
The font is displayed in Editmode, Preview and Simulate, but not when I publish the site, not in Safari, Opera, Firefox, only in Chrome it is displayed.
What have I made for a mistake? Can anybody give me a hint?
Thank you in advance for your help
Best regards

Hi there @6harps and welcome to the forum.

Without a link to your live site and / or a copy of your project file in-hand it is going to be hard for anyone to assist you with this topic. All we could do at this point is take guesses at what might be the cause. If you’d like to provide those two things then either myself, or someone else on the forum can better help you out.

If you can’t provide those things then I would encourage you to re-watch the videos and follow them step-by-step. Also make sure that the font(s) you’re using support the font weights you’re trying to use.

Hi Adam,

thank you for the reply and that you want help me with my first steps in RW and Foundry. Of course you need more informations. Here is the link to the actual draft website:
How could I send you the rw-file? As a dropbox-link?

The problem again is, that headers and body-fonts are displayed correctly in Edit-mode, Preview and Simulate, but not when I publish the site. In Safari and Firefox the paragraph font is not correctly shown, in Opera only the typeface1-page-header is displayed correctly, but no other font (paragraph, navigation-bar, header), and only in Chrome all the fonts are shown correctly.

Where is the mistake? What should I change?

Thank you again for your help
Best regards

Did you do a republish-all to make all files are on your webserver?

Yes, it didn’t help. Anything else I could try?

Yes, a Dropbox link to download your project file would be of help. If you’re using self-hosted fonts instead of Google Fonts, be sure you include those as well.

Hello, here is a link to my dropbox, where you find my RW-profect-file:

The fonts are in the attached zip: (384.5 KB)

Before troubleshooting I like to publish a test with the project as-is for comparison as I troubleshoot. I published a test of your project file just now without changing anything and the fonts show fine as they are supposed to in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. If you’d like to give it a try you can do so here:

You might try deleting what you’ve got on your server currently and then doing a Republish All Files from RapidWeaver.

How did you add the text to the paragraphs on the biography page? It looks like they were copied and pasted from another application and not just typed in RW, correct? This can bring with it hidden formatting that can prevent formatting applied by Foundry from being shown properly. I think this is causing your font issues.

If you do copy/paste from other apps, you should then highlight the text you just pasted into RW and select “Clear Formatting” from the Format menu. An alternative, and what I strongly recommend, is to always paste text into RW using the “Paste as Plain Text” option in the Edit menu. There is a shortcut key also shown in that menu.

Unrelated, to the issue you have with fonts, but I recommend learning about the Partial feature in Stacks. It will allow you to have a set of stacks on multiple pages that always use the same settings. When you make the change to stacks within it on one page, it will change them on all pages using that partial. I would place the main Foundry stack, the Typeface stack and probably the Nav Bar stack in a partial and place that on all of your pages. It will make it much easier to maintain your website. I also use a partial at the bottom of my pages which contains my footer. That way I know it's always the same on all my pages, and if I make a change to it, I only need to make it once.

See the section on Partial here:

There is also a video there that shows how to use them.

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Thank you! The “copy and paste-thing” was the solution, I actually copied my text from a word-document directly into the paragraph-stack, - that doesn’t work, but with your help now I got it. THANKS AGAIN!

And thank you for mentioning the partials, that is absolutely the next thing I will learn now.

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