Form mail to ProtonMail

I have a contact form with Foundry 3. I tried the phpmail option to my domain email thats handled by protonmail but nothing arrives. I created a smtp token on protonmail and used the smtp option in the Foundry form but the email arrives in my protonmail Sent folder, not inbox. Is there something im missing thats preventing the mail to go into the inbox?


Honestly not sure I understand. The form does not determine where in your mail app the mail gets delivered. I’m unfamiliar with Proton mail, but it would be responsible for sorting where in the app the email gets placed. What is your setting here in the form tool:

If that is the same as the email address in Proton mail perhaps it thinks it is a sent message. You could setup a address and use that instead to prevent Proton mail from mis-sorting maybe. That said, the form itself does not have any sway over where your email gets sorted within the email app unfortunately.