Form Pro Date Range Enquiry

Hi @elixirgraphics, on trying to incorporate the date range feature that now comes as part of the Form Pro I am finding that on publishing this stackthe date range drop down menu doesn’t go far enough for me to click ‘accept’ ? As you can see from the attached screenshot I only get the date range with no way of proceeding to the next stage. Is it possible that I have too many Form Pro pages on my website, and I currently have two ? Have I inadvertently discovered a bug ? Any help and/or assistance would be most welcome. Kind Regards | Justin

Link to the page where the date range feature is

The drop down can’t display outside of the form stack itself. You don’t have enough content in the form below the drop down. Since this is an email stack it is generally expected you’ll have a message field, which you’ve omitted in order to make a sort of “booking” form instead.

TL;DR: You need more content in the form stack.

Thanks Adam . That now works . Whilst I have your ear - is it possible to change the way the dates are presented ? The stack by defAULT displays the info as MM/DD/YYYY. By moving this info around can I get the stack to display the dates as we see them here in the UK (DD/MM/YY) ?

Have you tried using that date format in the Date Format field yet? If you do and then hit apply you’ll see it is formatted that way in the field.

Oh, I suspect you’re referring to the date in the drop down, right? If so, that is not a problem. I’ll get that into the next update.

I think I can work in an Allow Overflow feature, too. This can cause problems with some other stacks so you’ll have to use it cautiously.

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Hi @elixirgraphics , looking at the email that was sent via this Pro Form the date is MM/DD/YYYY which for those of us here in the UK ( and my client) is a bit confusing !! We would prefer it if it was DD/MM/YYY. Hope that makes sense. Kind Regards | Justin

Did you change the date format in the settings? If so, share a project file with me so I can take a look.

Hi @elixirgraphics - after re publishing the entire site all started working OK, The date is now displaying as DD/MM/YYY. Loving the updates to the Potion Pack. I find myself having to build a lot of forms and this date range feature is an absolute god send. Thank you :slight_smile: Keep up the great work (and support)

Awesome! I thought it should be sending the correct format. I’ll get the format in the drop down to abide and see if I can’t get an “Allow Overflow” feature baked in. Taking Monday off since my wife has the day off, but will get to work on this come Tuesday.