Form Pro does not work

I bought Potion Pack last Thursday, it is up to date. Form Pro does not work. I cannot create new fields. The icon + is not operational. I cannot remove fields that are useless either.
Here is an image.
What’s the problem ?
Thank you for helping me.
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Hi there @iVincent! Welcome aboard!

After installing Potion Pack did you try restarting RapidWeaver? If not give this a shot. You might need to place a new version of Form Pro on the page.

Also – What version of Potion Pack are you using currently? Have you checked for updates to make sure you’re all up to date?

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Yes, I restarted RapidWeaver.
MacOS 10.16.6
RapidWeaver 8.0.3
Stacks 3.6.4
Potion Pack 1.3.2

In addition, the display of Foundry stacks is not normal. Some icons are missing and not active.
If I have to uninstall Foundry and Potion Pack, how should I do?
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And you have removed the Form Pro stack from the page and placed a new one on it and you still have the problem? If you’ve done that, then please send me a ZIP file containing your project file and I will have a look.

As for the icons, please see this thread: Missing icons in stacks library

Thank-you for your prompt response,
“Show hidden stacks” was activated …

My project is very heavy. I created a new one with just one page with Form Pro to send you. The problem is the same …

The upload was banned. As a new user, I do not have the right to upload a file

You’ll need to use Dropbox or a similar service to sent it to me as a link. You can post that Dropbox (or other service) link here or send it to me as a direct message.

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Strange. If I open your project file I can immediately add or delete elements in Form Pro, as well as rearrange them, as you can see in this video: ScreenFlow.mp4 • Droplr

I suspect it is something other than Form Pro that is causing you trouble. If you start a new project file and add a brand-new page to it and setup Form Pro do you have the same problem?

Strange indeed!
I uninstalled Foundry and Potion Potion Pack, and everything reinstalled and updated. Now it works.
A very big thank you for your support.