Form Pro Eats Nav Bar after Send

Hoping I’m missing something, using Form Pro for a contact form, when the message is sent the Nav bar goes away.

In reading I found reference to the post sent message “reloading” the screen. I’ve noticed the URL is changed to reflect the stack number the form is in… I suspect this is the cause. Is there a way to retain my navigation par post submit?

Do you have a live URL we can look at? The form does jump to the location where it lives on the page after submitting. This is be design so the visitor sees the message after submission.

I’ll come back to this after launch. It’s a back page in a a locked site for the moment.

If there is something obvious I should enable disable to have the form retain its position.

Here’s what the stack build looks from above.

Unfortunately that cropped screenshot won’t help troubleshoot any code. Live URL and a project file is what is needed. Provide us with those and we can better assist.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply as well as the URL to the live page.

If I’m not able to resolve, I’ll forward later. I’m rebuilding the page to troubleshoot the issue. I suspect the overlap container doesn’t like the reload and some CSS settings are being changed moving the content up.

Had a moment to dig into this… @elixirgraphics is it possible for me to change the form action from the stack the form is in… to just " ". Doing so resolves the issue with the navigation bar.

Found the reference in the php file, the “POST action call”

Right now, it looks like I have to manually edit that string after each update, as I don’t see the action property on the Form Pro stack.

Many thanks.

Form Pro has a feature to use a Custom ID. This is a setting in the main Form Pro parent tool.

Again, I’d like to understand the problem, so if you can share a live URL, at the bare minimum, it would help to understand.

Thank you @elixirgraphics, may background is in a different coding language, so I’m not sure how Custom ID would allow me to change the Post form behavior that currently calls the Custom ID OR if that field is blank, it calls the last stack.

If you are suggesting I could provide a customer ID and create CSS to address this behavior, I’m down to try. I’m just learning CSS, but I thrive with direction.

The site is still locked, and this is a lower priority bug at the moment. I’d also say sharing my project file over the interest given the unmasked passwords it stores, stresses me out. Nothing personal. If I can provide segments of specific code I’d be happy to forward. DM if I can provide those specific.

I will say I do have a love hate relationship with RW and Stacks, I still prefer it over web based solutions by far.

Thank you again for your time and consideration on this problem. I’m still working through the PHPMailer puzzle, so far it seems like it’s limited to Form Pro as a Snapform I’ve deployed sends receipt emails. I’ve likely got a call with host ahead of me.

That field is what you were asking about. Make it blank and you should get the results you want.

That said, I think it really is just that you’re misunderstanding how the form is designed to work. The form purposefully jumps to an anchor at the form so that visitors can see the success message after the page reloads after sending the form’s contents. I believe this is why you think it is “eating the nav bar.”

As for sharing your project file – I receive hundreds of project files for testing. That is how I troubleshoot your problems. If you can’t share that or a URL at the very least then I cannot help you much. Troubleshooting code is one thing, but troubleshooting a description of a problem you’re having, when we have two different frames of reference and differing jargon, etc, is a completely different story. I’d like to see the problem to know if it is a bug or misuse or misunderstanding of the tool. That way if it is a bug I can address it. If you want help with the issue going forward you can share those things with me. If you’d rather not there’s not much else I can do from here for you unfortunately.

I tried the custom ID, the form POST action calls it and when the page reloads it jumps to that specific anker as you’ve noted.

I found the POST call in my pages index file and adjusted it to ‘’ this reloaded the page, leaving the form in the same position will still displaying the “Sent Successful” message.

Given I’m having a PHP mailer issue at the moment, it’s unclear what that means.

But the form doesn’t move and the Nav Bar remains on screen.

I simply don’t have direct control over the POST action field through RW & Form Pro Stack interface.

I can provide snippets of code now, and later more when I have time to secure a project file.

My immediate goal was to determine if I’d missed something or find guidance to a different solution.

I’ll come back to this. many thanks.

The POST action is what sends the contents of the form. You can’t change that. You shouldn’t be changing underlying code if you want the form to send properly.

This is what I’m referring to, the “actions=”#stacks_in_171"

I want this to be " " which from by reading says it will refresh the page once the post is complete. I manually did this and it resolved the layout issue.