Form Pro / Encrypted E-Mail transmission

Hi, when I have a site using SSL and I am using FormPro. Can you tell me if the e-mails being sent from this from are SSL/TSL encrypted? Or what I would have to do to achieve this?

Thank you!

No, SSL nor TSL is set for the emails sent with either Form or Form Pro as these do not work with everyone’s server and could cause problems if used with a server that does not support them. Using SSL or TSL is not something you’d be able to do unless you recoded the stack internally.

@Fuellemann Following up on this – what was the use case you needed this for?

Thank you. Later this year or early next year we will see a new ePrivacy law. And today, the GDPR tells us to use data protection protocols to the best of our abilities. So for today as I understood from my lawyers, website encryption will be enough. But this will definitely change. Then, I would like to continue to use your stack and not change a few dozend websites. With some other stacks, the user can decide to use a standard (no encryption) way or go to an advanced mode to enter the SMTP settings and security protocols.

So I hope you might support this some time in 2018.

Thanks for reading!


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