Form Pro / Name Section Request


Working on a website redesign for a client here in Japan and have hit a wall.
We divide first and last name fields on contact forms for clarities sake (Some people have two first names eg George Michael, Seth Roger, Ray Charles etc).

I tried adding another field before the preset Name and Email but neither version allows full manual control of placement before the preset fields.

It would be helpful for politeness in countries where using a customers surname is favored over their first when replying. I see foundation’s forms stack has it set this way but would hate to have to drop yet another $59.95 just to replace all my foundry work.

If there are to be no more updates is there a way I can personally change my php file to add said second field?

Cheers in advance.

Morning @britpkb!

I’ll start here and work backwards – what gave you the impression there are no more updates that will be released for the Form Pro stack? Just curious here as the Potion Pack has been updated many times since its initial release, with its most recent update being in April of this year.

As for that you’re looking to do:

You can change the label name as well as the placeholder labels for the preset fields, so perhaps something like this would solve your problem. Set the placeholder text to read how you wish for the user to submit their name:



Thanks for the quick reply as always!

Re: updates, was asking for an alternative in case you did not have time to go back and update an old add on. I’m sure you’re busy with all the newer exciting stuff so it’s great to see you still go back to update!

I’ll try the workaround for now and see if the client is ok with it. Usually we keep them in separate boxes either for first name, last name or for Kanji and Hiragana (so people know the phonetic of the name as kanji can have multiple readings). Will leave a link to a typical example here.