Form Pro / No email address, telephone instead


is there a way not to check for a valid email address? I need a customer to send me his telephone number for a call-back request. So all I need is his name and number send to me via e-mail.


No, the email is required as that is the From data for the email to be sent.

Also if there was no return email address, you would have no way to contact the visitor if they, for example, forgot a digit in the phone number or had a typo and it was the wrong number. Think of it as a backup contact.

A lot of people don’t have an email address or don’t want to use one to initiate a phone back request. There are many examples of this real life situation.

That is fine. This stack requires an email address. If you don’t need an email address or don’t want one, then this stack may not be the one you’d want to use in that situation.

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