Form Pro SMTP / GoDaddy / Sent?

I’ve spent the last 8 hours in this problem. I’ve found specs for Go-Daddy and I’ve tried multiple computations of those details to get this to work.

I receive success messages but never see the message arrive (junk folder too).

I’ve tried using “Send using SMTP” and “Send Using your Email” as the Form Pro troubleshooting suggest. No Joy.

I’ve confirmed my SMTP servers with Go-Daddy, and I get a message saying sent, but nothing arrives.

Not sure what else to try, from what I’ve seen, and see other have success with, I’ve got things setup correctly.

The success message relates to the form itself. It is simply confirming that the contents of the form were valid and it was able to send using PHPMailer. Beyond that the form cannot know if your server has successfully delivered the email.

As for GoDaddy – They are one of the worst hosts on the internet and have a long history of poor PHP installs / support. If you’re getting a sent success message from the form then the likely culprit of the problem is your host, unfortunately.

If you’d like to share your project file I can test publish it here on a known good server using that server’s SMTP settings, but that isn’t likely to help you much with your host itself, only to show the form to be working as it should. You’re likely going to need to talk with GoDaddy about this issue to see why their server is not delivering the email sent by PHPMailer.

Hi @elixirgraphics @jason_ddt I’m a Go Daddy user and I can confirm that thus far I personally haven’t experienced any problems with the PHPMailer on the numerous websites that I have used it in. That said I probably wouldn’t know if an email went astray. Is there any chance @elixirgraphics that as part of this Stack there is an opportunity create a confirmation email ?? Of course this would be predicated on the the email being sent to address that is submitted as part of the form ?? Kind Regards | Justin

A confirmation email sent to who? The visitor or you the website designer? If the former then you’d never see it and wouldn’t know if the email was sent. If the latter then that would be redundant since that is where the form’s contents email is being sent. Either way the same PHPMailer code and server would be involved in sending the confirmation email.

I also am on GoDaddy and cannot get Form Pro to send the notification email. I tried all the settings mentioned in this thread with no luck. I have used the WebForm plugin with a Wordpress site as well as the Form Builder app from Coffee Cup Software and both worked. All they asked for was the email address the form was to be sent from ( and the email address(es) to send the notification to. I guess my question is why those programs work just fine on GoDaddy but Form Pro does not.

I’ll give GoDaddy a call. They honestly haven’t been that bad, and from what I’ve read some of there controls make sense. It’s just unclear what this stack is doing or how to view the Diagnostics logs the process creates, being a noob.

I use the same form but not on a different server. I did have to check the option to ‘Send using your email address’ before it would work with my provider. I think it has something to do with they restrict any email being send from your account to having to be using your email address.


Thanks @jhunkins, I was trying with and without the send option. does it care if the email address is an alias or just formatted correctly with the a matching domain?

I can get SnapForm to work fine, without SMTP.

It probably depends on your server if they will accept an alias or not (assuming it is an alias that they know about).

In my case, I used an email address that I can send from my server with my normal mail program. As far as the server knows, it is simple an email address that I have listed and works with my mail server.

If you are using an ‘alias’ is it because you are worried about someone seeing that address? I don’t seem to have any problems using my normal email address. Either from using: 1) RapidWeaver : Settings : Advanced : Protect email addresses. or 2) From Pro I think doesn’t output your email address but uses it only on your server to send the contact form so the end user should not be able to see it.