Form Pro stack bug

Hey there all. Quick heads up. I’ve identified a bug with Form Pro relating to when I depreciated the older version of the stack a few updates ago in order to add a few of the much requested features. I thought I’d fixed the bug in the last update a couple of days ago (v1.2.6) but it turned out it was a larger bug than I’d realized.

In short the bug is this – the newer version of the stack has a new Stack Identifier setting it apart from the legacy stack. All of the child stacks have a limiter that makes sure they’re inserted into the correct parent stack. Unfortunately the new version of the stack is pulling in the legacy version’s child stacks, which leads to users not being able to rearrange the child stacks (the various field types) within the parent Form Pro stack. The form itself should still work fine, it just won’t let you change the field order or placement, etc.

That said I have a fix I’m working on currently. It shouldn’t be too hard to implement. But there is a downside, unfortunately. Once this fix is released, if you’ve built a form using Form Pro since the v1.2.2 update you will need to rebuild your form again to allow you to rearrange your field types. This is because all of the child stacks will now be receiving new IDs in the coming update. There is nothing I can do about this unfortunately. For this I apologize.

As I said, I’m currently in the process of working on this fix. I hope to get it out today or tomorrow if possible, but I want to try and do some testing to ensure it all works as I anticipate. Once the update releases, just be sure to read the release notes as you will likely need to quit and restart RapidWeaver to make sure the internal child stacks with their new IDs are recognized.

If you have questions about this specific bug, please let me know.


This will be the second time I will have to update around 15 websites just because of this bug - I am glad I love my hobby :slight_smile:

Bugs happen. Unfortunately no software is perfect. Luckily it is just a form and shouldn’t take but a few minutes to re-build. :slight_smile:


Can this version not be deprecated and become a Legacy stack? That way, there would be no risk of a future update of a site using todays Form Pro stack, from upsetting the form.

AFAIK I have 4 sites with the current Form Pro but I can’t be certain without checking. Either way it means rebuilding each site form and then testing again.

Hey there @webdeersign – I think you misunderstand. The forms work as they are now, and will not cease to work after the update. The fields are simply not rearrangeable as they are, and still will not be after the update unless you re-build them fresh. If your form is setup the way you want it then you’re good to go. Though if you wish to move the child stacks around to rearrange the fields now or in the future you will need to start a new form to be able to do so.


Ok that’s great. Thanks for the explanation. I got mislead by “you will need to rebuild your form again to allow you to rearrange your field types.”

Great, so I do not have to change them now. Good!

Yeah that is the key bit there, bolded. The form will not lose its fields or stop functioning. I’ve already done a couple tests with old forms and everything is working just as it was before the update.

That being said, it would not hurt to rebuild them so it doesn’t surprise you in 6 months when you go back and try to rearrange field types and it won’t do anything. A few minutes rebuilding a form now may save you forgetting about it in a few months if things need to change.

cc: @Fuellemann