Form Pro What is correct way to use Radio/Check Box/Select Buttons


I have a form with Yes or No answers.

Picture shows the form that is working.

I set it all up with radio buttons, then again with check boxes, then tried select.

If I use Select and put the question in the Label name it works but looks confusing as if has to default to a Yes or No answer to start with.

If I use Radio Buttons you can choose Yes or No on first question, but as soon as you answer the second question the radio button disappears for previous question.

If I use check boxes one Yes and One No next to each question you can tick both Yes and No to each question.

I must be missing something?

I have it working and there email comes back to me, I set up a new email address for the form. But it arrives with just a couple of Yes or No answers, not the whole list of ten answers.

Also although I set up email rules to send it to its own form folder in Mail it always arrives in the Spam box.

Select controls always default to the first item, as that is the items shown when the form loads.

Why use two checkboxes? If they check the box for yes, then the answer is not no. If they do not check yes then the answer is no. Only one box is needed as it is a bool, meaning it is a True / False result.

I think you may be overthinking / over-engineering things a bit. A single checkbox control for each should be all you need since it is a True / False result.

This is down to your email client / email server. The form has no control over that. If you’re not using SMTP for your form, you may try doing so.


I see what you are saying, I was overthinking this.

First time around I removed the Comments box at the top just having the Full Name and Email but got an error when trying to send the email, although it took a while to get the settings right, I could not get the Send Using SMTP server to work so it could be that.

So can I remove the Comment box?

Thank You


What was the error?

The form needs something in the body. You can’t send a form that consists of just the name, email and subject… unless you also turn on the checkboxes to include those items in the body of the message:

That would then give you something in the body of the message and make it valid to send.

I will try that thank you.

My email is working now, I have a problem, if any of the top buttons are ticked, I need to disable the very bottom button.

How would I do that?

I am getting email showing symptom and also symptom free.

Conditional controls aren’t a part of the Form or Form Pro stack. That requires a much more complex setup, which would include a javascript listener to check when specific conditions are met. This isn’t something this stack can do.

Thank You,

Appreciate all your help.

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Not a problem at all. Glad to help you out.