Form stack doesn't clear on clicking 'Send'

I’m using the standard Form stack here - Contact Alan Bromley

When a visitor fills it in and clicks Send they get the Success message and the form is submitted, but all of the fields (with the exception of the question field) remain filled in. The client is concerned that despite the success message, this may lead people to think it hasn’t been sent and thus send the same form multiple times.

Is there a setting somewhere to ensure the form ‘clears’ completely on successful submission, or is there something awry about my setup?


This is unfortunately a case of me not being able to please everyone all of the time. The Form stack was originally designed to work in the way you describe, with the fields being emptied upon sending the form.

Some users complained though because if the visitor forgot to fill out the Human Test or got it wrong the fields would clear and the visitor’s message would have to be retyped from the beginning. To address this concern I have it retain the data for everything except the Human Test field.

It is working as it is supposed to.

That’s a shame. I think it’s an odd one in terms of UX but if it’s not anything I can fix because that’s how it’s supposed to work we’ll have to live with it or if it becomes a problem, switch to an alternative form.



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